Brambleton Developer Rezoning Plan

Rezoning Plan Overview

The Brambleton Group (also referred to as the Brambleton Developer) has submitted rezoning proposals for three parcels south of Evergreen Mills Rd that will go before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for review and possible approval.

Detailed overviews of these rezoning plans can be found under Related Documents and in the 2020 and 2021 Rezoning Videos provided below. Previous messages containing rezoning information can also be found under Previous Communications.

Developer Virtual Meetings

The Brambleton Developer scheduled virtual meetings to update residents on the rezoning of land south of the Broad Run floodplain, near the intersection of Arcola Mills Drive and Belmont Ridge Road (see picture below). Video recordings and Q&A summaries from these meetings can be found below.

BCA Board of Directors Meeting

The BCA Board of Directors met on Thursday, January 20 at 7 PM to discuss the Brambleton Group’s proposed rezoning plans. Brambleton homeowners were invited to attend this meeting virtually through Zoom. The meeting agenda is available to all homeowners through FSR Connect.

2021 Rezoning Parcels

Rezoning Facts/Summary

  • The zoning for Parcel 1 (Evergreen Mills Rd) currently permits data centers.
  • The current zoning for Parcel 3 is split between CR-1 and PD-GI (heavy industrial). A list of permitted and special exception uses can be found here.
  • Parcel 3 is located at the end of the Dulles Airport runway and fully within the Airport Impact Overlay District. Parcel 1 is located just outside this district.
  • The Brambleton Group is looking to align parcel use with the County’s Comprehensive Plan by relocating the permitted data center from Parcel 1 to Parcel 3.
  • The Brambleton Group is proposing residential zoning on Parcel 1.
  • An 800-foot Broad Run corridor will separate Parcel 3 from Parcel 1.

Brambleton Group 2021 Rezoning Update

Brambleton Group 2020 Rezoning Update

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