Swim Lessons

The importance of swimming can’t be understated. Swimming is a life safety skill that everyone, especially children, need to know. There are also many health benefits that come from swimming such as a whole body and low-impact workout, cardiovascular exercise, weight loss and control, and rehabilitation for accidents or injuries. Swimming is beneficial for a number of reasons. 

Brambleton offers group and private swim lesson for residents to benefit from. The group lessons at Brambleton’s pool are offered though LetSwim. They have a variety of classes that meet all ages and abilities. Preschool Beginner, Preschool Intermediate, Preschool Advanced, School Age Beginner, School Age Intermediate, School Age Advanced, and Parent & Tot. A full class schedule with costs can be found on the LetSwim website.  

Private swim lessons are also available at our pools for all ages and all skill levels. There are two ways residents can schedule private lessons this summer. 

  • LetSwim offers private lessons and semi-private lessons.  Residents can register on the LetSwim website.

Please note: For liability, insurance, and scheduling purposes all group, semi-private, and private lesson to residents must be given through LetSwim. All other individuals or organizations wishing to give swim lessons and charge money for those lesson at a Brambleton pool must make prior arrangements with the Brambleton Community Association.

Contact Info

  1. LetSwim

    Website: www.letswim.com
    Email: info@letswim.com
    Phone: 703-717-3411