Little Free Library

Brambleton is proud to be part of the worldwide Little Free Library program. 

Currently there are 8 Little Free Libraries located throughout Brambleton. Keep an eye open for new ones popping up! To find them please see the map below. 

  • You are welcome to borrow books from any Little Free Library and return them to any Little Free Library. 
  • The general rule is "Take One Leave One" but if you don't have a book to exchange please feel free to borrow without leaving a book. 
  • Inside each Little Free Library there is a guest log, please sign it to just let people know you were there. You don't have to say which book(s) you are borrowing or returning. This is just a fun little thing to leave your mark. 
  • If you see some questionable material or damage to any of the books or the Little Free Library itself, please email or call the HOA office as soon as possible. 
  • Once you pick your book, make sure the door is securely closed in order to keep the books shielded from the elements. 
  • When you have finished enjoying your borrowed books please return them to any of our Little Free Libraries. 
  • If the Little Free Library is full, please either hold on to it and try again later, see if there is room in any of the other libraries, or return it to the HOA office. 
  • If the book is damaged, please do not put it back in the library but instead email the HOA office and from there we can decide to discard it or repair it. 
  • Donating books is easy! You can leave books in the Little Free Library and one of the volunteer librarians will take care of stamping it and putting it into the rotating collection. 
  • If there is no space in the Little Free Library to donate your books please DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE GROUND.  You are welcome to drop them off at the HOA office inside or in the dropbox outside the HOA office building. You can also drop your donation off at our head librarians home at 23288 April Mist Pl. 

Little Free Library Map_v2

Contact Us

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    42395 Ryan Road
    Suite 210
    Brambleton, VA  20148

    Phone: 703-542-6263
    Fax: 703-542-6266

Quick Facts Little Free Library

    • Donations of Books Only
    • No posting of Flyers
    • No leaving Business Cards
    • No Magazines
    • Seeds are welcome at Garden Plot Little Free Library
    • Cookbooks and Instructional Books Welcome
    • No Text Books 

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