Ad Hoc Technology Community Services Committee

The Ad Hoc Technology Community Services Advisory Committee has been established to facilitate review of the end of contract options, to seek resident input, and to advise the Board related to the Verizon FIOS bulk agreement.  This committee is unique in that the Board has not only defined the specific scope of responsibility and defined the work product, they have also established a general timeline for the committee’s tasks and existence.  The Board has also established specific criteria for membership and will conduct interviews of owners that are interested in serving on the committee.  In addition to the key criteria for membership, the ability to commit to the anticipated term of the committee through the end of 2018 will be an important qualification for eligible applicants.

As with all of the Association’s committees, this committee will be an advisory committee to the Board. The committee will work with staff to review and evaluate the information gathered and to develop certain and related recommendation for the Board of Directors.  Committee members acknowledge that the Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for determining what, if any, Community Services will be contracted for, and that the Board is not bound to act on, nor accept the Committee recommendation either in part or in whole.

Meetings are held at the Brambleton Management Office located within the Town Center, changes to venue or the schedule will be shared on the Association's website and on our Facebook page. There is an open forum period at each meeting for residents to address the committee and all meetings are open to Brambleton residents to attend. 

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