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Information Release from Brambleton Community Association

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Internal and External - January 21, 2016

CONTACT:  Rick Stone - PCAM, LSM, General Manager
                    (703) 542-6263; snow@brambleton.org

Brambleton Community Association Prepares For a Winter Storm That Will Deliver 18-24+” of Snow with Blizzard Conditions  

Brambleton, VA – (1/21/2016; 4:00pm) Brambleton Community Association (BCA), the Brambleton Group LLC, and their contractors are ready for what may be historically the 2nd or 3rd largest storm to ever hit this region.  The storm is projected to hit Brambleton between midafternoon and 4:00pm on Friday, 1/22.  Snow is forecasted to continuously fall through Sunday morning.  There may be blizzard conditions on Saturday which may impact the ability to clear the roads.

BCA will focus on the private streets that belong to the Association.  Crews will begin clearing operations Friday afternoon and will plow through the storm.  Plowing operations could be suspended during blizzard conditions as a result of no visibility.   The primary goal is to keep a travel lane open for emergency purposes during the storm, and to have all BCA streets cleared with two travel lanes 12 hours after the snow has stopped falling.  Vehicular travel on BCA streets during the storm should be limited to emergencies only.  Vehicles parked or abandoned in a manner that is dangerous or obstructs efficient plow operations will be towed at the owners’ expense.   Residents can email all concerns for the conditions of BCA private streets, lanes, and alleys to Snow@Brambleton.org.  Emails of concerns pertaining to unplowed BCA streets which are received prior to the expiration of the 12-hour post-storm period will be considered accordingly.

A storm of this magnitude will require plows, heavy equipment, and dump trucks to work all day and through the night to keep up with the storm to maintain passible roads.  This work can be inconvenient and disruptive but is necessary to keep the roads open. Residents’ understanding and patience are appreciated.  

Safety Reminders:
  • Vehicles need to be parked in garages, driveways, designated striped-spaces, or at the Brambleton Town Center parking garages.  Do not park on private, narrow, or dead-end streets.  The plows need room to operate and places to push snow.
  • Plow and equipment drivers have limited vision during the storm.  Keep back a minimum of 100ft, and give them the right-of-way at all times.
  • Only use the roads for emergencies during this storm.
  • Do not walk or play in the streets.
  • Visibility will be impacted by piled snow.  Piles are typically created at intersections in an effort to clear the road.  These piles often end up on sidewalks.  
  • Keep away from and off of all ponds.

Regal Wood Snow Route and BCA Dead End Streets: Parking restrictions are in effect on the BCA portion of Regal Wood Drive between Olympia Drive and Vickery Park Drive and all BCA dead-end streets from 12:00 PM Friday, 1/22/2016, through 12:00 PM Sunday, 1/24/2016.  Parallel parking in non-designated/recessed spaces is prohibited during this period.  This will allow time for crews to clear the street from curb to curb, which will allow for improved travel conditions in the days to follow.  Vehicles in violation of this restriction will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Owners of towed vehicles can recover their vehicle at Road Runner Wrecker Service (703-450-7555).

BCA Trails & Sidewalks:  Once all BCA streets and roads are cleared, staff and its contractors will focus on trails and sidewalks.  Work to clear primary trail and sidewalk routes is anticipated to begin on Monday, 1/25/2016.

VDOT Streets:  VDOT is responsible for all streets that have route numbers.  Route numbers are typically located above the stops signs at intersections.  VDOT concerns can be directed to 1-800-FOR-ROAD or Online Work Request at http://www.virginiadot.org/travel/citizen.asp 

Residents’ Responsibilities:  BCA asks all Brambleton residents to do their part to help with the storm.  Please assist us by taking the following actions or precautions:
  • Park your vehicle in your garage, driveway, or in the Brambleton Town Center parking garages during the storm.  This will allow crews to fully and efficiently clear the streets.
  • Clear your sidewalks and adjacent common area sidewalk.  
  • Clear 3’ on all sides of an adjacent fire hydrant.
  • Remove trash/recycling containers from the street.
  • When clearing driveways, parking spaces and sidewalks, do not throw, pile or blow the snow into the streets.  This practice creates unnecessary and additional hazards.  Large volumes of piled snow can also slow or hamper removal operations.
  • Help a neighbor.  Snow shoveling parties are a great way to clean up after a winter storm while spending time with neighbors and family.  Enjoy the beauty and time with each other.
  • Sled Safely!  Brambleton has several hills that residents can use for sledding. Please keep safety as a first priority when sledding.  Be sure kids do not sled into streets.  Avoid hills that have rocks or trees.  Do not park on 4-lane roads or on common area grass.  Dress warm.  Take breaks to rehydrate.

Every storm is different, and conditions change rapidly.  BCA will continually monitor the storm, forecasts, and predictions and may find a need to deviate from this plan.  Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us, we are prepared to address the needs of the community relative to winter storm cleanup.  We ask that all residents work with us to achieve these goals. 

General information on snow removal can be found on our website at http://www.brambletonhoa.com/248/Winter-Storm-Management.   Specific concerns related to BCA snow removal efforts should be emailed go to Snow@Brambleton.org.

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