BCA Update - Spring/Summer

Sealcoating Brambleton’s Streets

The Association has received a few questions regarding the product and processes used to sealcoat its streets.  I wanted to take this opportunity to provide additional details regarding maintenance of our streets.
Asphalt is one of the Association’s largest capital assets.  With over 200 streets, 15 miles of trails, and numerous parking lots, more Association resources and funding are focused towards the maintenance and upkeep of asphalt than any other Association asset.  One of the tasks the Association performs on the asphalt is sealcoating.  Sealcoating asphalt has several benefits; sealcoating extends the life of the asphalt, reduces maintenance, prevents damage, enhances curb appeal, and accelerates ice melt in the winter.
Brambleton Community Association has used PaverX rejuvenating sealcoat on its streets since 2011.  PaverX is a refined coal-tar pavement rejuvenator, not a coal tar emulsion.  The Association’s decision to use this product was based on several factors. This product is absorbed into the asphalt and does not chip, flake, peel, or spall.  The concentration of chemicals found in PaverX, when applied per the label, is too low to trigger regulation under the EPA.  This product meets and exceeds all federal and state requirements, to include the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, and is not considered a hazardous waste by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  Coal tar is also effectively and safely used in several over-the-counter cosmetic products. 
When making the decision to use PaverX, the Association thoroughly considered both the product and the contractor to apply it.  In addition, all aspects of the project - such as best management practices, impact to residents, funding, environmental impact, legal requirements, effectiveness of the product, contractual commitments, referrals, and other factors that may impact a project - were reviewed.  After this thorough evaluation, it was determined that the product was the best selection for Brambleton.  We also considered that this same decision has been made by many other local communities and communities in environmentally sensitive areas such as Belmont Country Club, Potomac Green, River Creek, Piedmont, Kiawah Island (SC), and Tidewater Plantation (SC).
The intent of this product and the overall sealcoating program is pavement preservation; use of this product results in a smaller carbon footprint than the creation and laying of new asphalt.  In other words, by preserving and maintaining the existing asphalt, we can prolong its life and delay the need to remove and replace the existing asphalt, which is more costly, both financially and environmentally.
The effectiveness of the PaverX product on Brambleton’s asphalt is noticeable.  In 2011 and 2016, PaverX rejuvenation product was applied to Arborview, Brookshade, Sweet Andrea, and Angelique Drives, along with other streets.  A topical non-rejuvenation sealcoat was applied those same years to the Community Center parking lot.  Today you will see minimal cracking and asphalt in good condition on the four drives treated with PaverX.  The Community Center parking lot is not in nearly as good condition, with significant cracking and a much shorter life expectancy for the current asphalt.  These results demonstrate that the product is doing its job by extending the life of the asphalt. 
BCA’s role as a steward of the community’s resources requires a balance of best management practices and funding.  The Association continually reviews and updates its maintenance and upkeep standards and the products that are used.  We will continue to monitor the data available regarding the products we use and to evaluate their effectiveness and effects.
Rick Stone  PCAM, AMS, LSM
General Manager

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