Brambleton Update

Community Standards Update: June 12, 2018

To achieve the community goals of keeping Brambleton beautiful and recognized as one of the best maintained communities in the area, we want to share some updates on the Association’s comprehensive residential property inspections and provide details on the timing of the next Design Review opportunities. Please email us at or call 703-542-6263 for questions or more information.

Comprehensive Lot Inspections Ongoing - The Community Standards Advisors conduct comprehensive inspections by Section. Inspections are pending for Sections 9 and 14. Included as part of these inspections is confirmation that proper documentation for all modifications, such as an approved application, is on file with the Association. All inspections are performed by BCA staff. Staff does not enter fenced yards or access decks during these inspections. In accordance with the Association’s enforcement policies, notice will be sent to provide time to correct items noted to be in violation of Brambleton’s governing documents or policies.

Community-Wide Exterior Lighting Inspections Underway - Brambleton residents are responsible for ensuring the proper operation of exterior lighting fixtures which are designed to operate automatically. BCA staff conducts quarterly inspections for proper operation of carriage lights, garage lights, and builder-installed landscape lights which should operate from dawn until dusk. These inspections will begin in mid-June. More information on maintaining the functioning of exterior lights can be found on our website.

Common Area Encroachment - The Association wishes to make residents aware of our efforts to ensure that common areas are maintained with a harmonious and natural area aesthetic. Residents are reminded that per Brambleton’s Declaration, no one owner, or group of owners, is entitled to make personal or exclusive use of common areas. The Association takes this requirement seriously and does not permit exclusive personal use of common areas or encroachment into common areas.

  • Changes to common areas are not permitted without prior written approval from the Association.
  • Storage of personal items or equipment in the common area is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, woodpiles, play equipment, and sheds.
  • Dumping or placing materials such as grass clippings or construction materials is not permitted.
If any resident, or their contractor, is found to be making personal use of the common areas, they are subject to removal, restoration, and related costs. They may be subject to further additional charges or other sanctions permitted by the Association's governing documents. Common areas are for the use and enjoyment of the Owners of the Association.

Design Review Application & Meeting ScheduleThe Covenants Committee reviews applications for exterior modifications on the second Monday of each month; click here for the 2018 meeting schedule.

Applications must contain complete and accurate descriptions of the proposed improvement. Supporting documents are required, such as a copy of the official recorded plat showing the location and dimensions of the improvement, as well as any plans and material and/or color samples as applicable. Photographs of existing conditions and surrounding area are encouraged.

Applications can be submitted via email to If you have any questions regarding the design review process or guidelines, please visit the website or call 703-542-6263. 

Expedited Review Process - In response to requests for expedited review, Covenants Committee members have agreed to perform an expedited review of applications outside of their regularly scheduled meetings if the following conditions are met:
  • All 7 members must be available to review the application.
  • All 7 members must unanimously agree to approve the application.
  • Any member may opt to defer consideration to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

The time frame for a response to an expedited review request varies. Committee members will make every effort to provide a timely response; however, as committee members are volunteers and not employees of the Association, their availability outside of a meeting is not certain. Please be aware that not every expedited review request can be honored. Applications which cannot be reviewed in an expedited manner will automatically be referred to the next regularly scheduled Covenants Committee meeting.

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