Brambleton Update

BCA Reviews and Modifies Its Use of Roundup

Brambleton Community Association practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in its control of weed, insect, and disease pests in our community’s landscapes. IPM makes use of physical, mechanical, and biological techniques to control pests, with chemical control being the last resort.

BCA currently uses Roundup (active ingredient glyphosate) on an extremely limited basis to treat unwanted grass and weeds. This herbicide has primarily been used to treat weeds on hard surfaces, weeds in mulched landscape beds, and undesired grass as part of the townhome grounds maintenance program (with owners’ permission). As a result of recent resident concerns related to the use of Roundup, the BCA Board of Directors and staff have reviewed the use of Roundup in the community and have made changes to the landscape maintenance program.
  • BCA will no longer use Roundup as part of its townhome grounds maintenance program. Owners/residents participating in this program will be responsible for establishing a 3-6” border between their turf and any improvement or object that can be damaged by string trimmers, such as A/C units, decks, stairs, fences, downspouts, flowers, shrubs, or similar items. BCA’s contractors will not trim within 3” of these items to avoid damage. Unmowed/untrimmed grass will remain if owners/residents do not establish the necessary 3” buffer. View our recent video for more information about establishing this border.
  • BCA will reduce its use of Roundup on weeds by increasing the use of an industrial vinegar/salt/soap (surfactant) mixture that has proven to be effective for weed control. This mixture will be used as the initial treatment application on weeds. Roundup will then be used on weeds that are not effectively controlled by the vinegar/salt mixture. Using this approach will significantly reduce BCA’s already limited use of Roundup.
  • BCA will continue to use healthier alternatives to Roundup for weed control, such as pulling weeds by hand, mulching, and the use of “Flaming” where reasonable and financially possible.
  • BCA will continue to research and consider weed control products and methods that can reduce or replace the use of Roundup on our common areas.
Questions pertaining to the Association’s townhome grounds maintenance program or its use of Roundup can be emailed to

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