BCA Update - Spring/Summer

BCA Asphalt Seal Coating Project: Day Four

Day Four of the asphalt seal coating project is scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd. The streets listed below will be closed from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM so that the seal coat product can be applied and have time to dry. All travel and parking on these streets will be prohibited during this time.

DAY 4 – Thursday, August 22nd
  • Bliss Terrace   
  • Bollinger Terrace
  • Garlington Drive (south of Rhett Drive)
  • Rachels Row Terrace
  • Rhett Drive
  • Beacon Crest Terrace (north of Southwoods Terrace)
  • Covey Glen Terrace
  • Ferncrest Terrace (north of Southwoods Terrace)
  • Highgate Terrace (west of Verde Gate Terrace)
  • Moss Bay Terrace
  • Verde Gate Terrace (north of Southwoods Terrace to Ferncrest Terrace)
Please review the road closure map, where the streets listed above are highlighted in blue on the third slide.

RELOCATING VEHICLES: Vehicles remaining on these streets after 7:00 AM will be relocated to the Brambleton Town Center or to a nearby street by a towing company. Vehicles in residents’ driveways and garages will also need to be relocated by the owners if they plan or need to use their vehicles during the 12-hour road closure period. Please be cautious of parking vehicles on other BCA streets that are scheduled to be seal coated, as similar restrictions and relocation efforts will also take place on these streets. 

ACCESS TO STREETS: All access to the listed streets during the 12-hour period is restricted. Freshly applied seal coating will track, so be sure to stay off the streets. If applicable, educate and inform your children and also keep your pets off of the streets. BCA will place plywood down in strategic locations to serve as crossing points for pedestrians.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: If applicable, residents must turn off their irrigation systems during this 12-hour period. Wet streets or water sprayed onto freshly seal-coated streets will negatively impact the application. BCA will also be turning its irrigation systems off in the areas of the treated streets.

FURTHER INFORMATION: It is important that all affected residents understand how they will be impacted. Please review the full information packet that was distributed to all impacted addresses. This information is also available on the BCA website at www.brambletonhoa.com/asphalt. If you have questions after reading this information, please email BCA's Operations department at operations@brambleton.org.

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