BCA Update - Fall

Brambleton's Voice Must Be Heard!
Please Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

Dear Brambleton Resident,

I am one who typically remains quiet when it comes to politics, but I am vocal on matters related to issues that impact our community.  It is important that elected officials understand our issues and work towards solutions.  Transportation and schools are probably the two greatest issues that impact our community today.  From overcrowded schools to collector roads jammed with traffic, these two issues require immediate action.  While the current County Board of Supervisors and School Board have made steps in the right direction, additional effort and continuous attention is necessary.  
One way to assure that our community interests and issues are addressed is to elect candidates that are committed to the needs of our community.  This is where Brambleton needs to have its voice heard.  We can collectively send that message by having a strong showing at the polls.  This is an off election year, so voter turnout will be low.  Every vote counts!  When voter turnout is low, County elections are often decided by a difference of only a couple hundred votes, if that.  This is where Brambleton residents need to step up with strong attendance at the polls. 

As Brambleton residents, we need to commit to vote tomorrow.  We need every registered voter to show up at the polls.  A few minutes of your time tomorrow will impact the next four years of decisions at the County and State level.  Let’s impress the rest of the County by having the highest attendance numbers at the polls.  This will surely get their attention.  Become familiar with the candidates and issues, and be sure to vote. Let our voices be heard.  VOTE TOMORROW!

For more information about the election, including who and what is on the ballot, acceptable forms of voter identification, and where to vote, please visit Loudoun County's website.  


Rick Stone PCAM, LSM
General Manager

Questions or concerns may be addressed to hoa@brambleton.org.

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