What if I want an expedited review or I want to submit my application on the day of a meeting?

In response to requests for expedited review, the committee members have agreed to perform an expedited review of applications outside of their regularly scheduled meetings if the following conditions are met:

  • All 7 members must be available to review the application
  • All 7 members must unanimously agree to approve the application
  • Any member may opt to defer consideration to the next regularly scheduled meeting

The time-frame for response to a request for expedited review varies. The committee members will make every effort to provide a timely response however, as the committee members are volunteers, not employees of the Association, their availability outside of a meeting is not certain. Please be aware that not every request for expedited review can be honored. Applications which cannot be reviewed in an expedited manner will automatically be referred to the next regularly scheduled Covenants Committee meeting.

If you have questions or need more information about the Design Review Application process, or any other Covenants related matter, please contact 703-542-6263, or email.

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